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The Care & Feeding of Your New Dog!
New Pet Parent Guide


Here is some great information and links to help your new family member.

For the love of your pet – Grooming Tips.

Everybody’s Gone Surfin -Tips on researching information from reputable sources on the internet.

More Bark for you Buck – Stretch those vet dollars.

Pet Insurance Providers Pg1 – Resources on where to go to get your pet insured.

Pet Insurance Providers Pg2 – More resources on where to go to get your pet insured.


Pet Maintenance

We recommend Simparica flea treatment, a chewable tablet that lasts about 30 days which is available through your vet or online.


Home Remedies

Here at Ken-Mar Rescue, we try to do as much preventative maintenance on our kids as possible. This keeps the kids healthy and vet bills down. A few homeopathic things we do that have proven successful are:

  1. We recommend giving your new furry family member ONE TINY DROP of Cod Liver Oil every 3rd day. This helps in keeping the coat shiny, skin supple and boosts immunities. Please note the tiny amount and the frequency, any more than this amount and the pet will have the runs. Great cod liver oil can be found at your local health food store, Trader Joe’s, etc.
  2. One half glucosamine tablet daily. This helps build strong and healthy joints and should be given throughout your pet’s life. You can buy a big bottle of this at Costco. It is in a bottle labeled as glucosamine for adults.
  3. Vitamins daily. We like Pet-Tabs or any other multi-vitamins MADE FOR DOG CONSUMPTION.


Regarding food

We like Natural Balance on Natural Balance, but we have also found the following to be good quality foods:

    • Costco Brand Kibble

Please let us know if you have ANY questions!

We’re here to help with the transition if you need us.

Thank you for saving a dog’s life!