Become a Guardian Angel to an Adoptable Dog!

Sponsor one of our orphans and you will be recognized on their web site page!

  • Click on the amount you wish to donate and indicate whether single or recurring.
  • When the PayPal page comes up, fill in the information.
  • We will designate an orphan for you to sponsor unless you pick one yourself.
  • Just click a button and you will be taken to the PayPal donation page. It really is just that easy!

Thank you for looking kindly on our orphans!

Other Ways to Donate

Cars for Causes


Planned Giving
Level Amount One Time Donation Once a Month Donation
Saves one dog (including bail out fees, all shots, sterilization, microchip.) $250

Saves one dog + all of the above + pays for 1 yr of food + collar, leash, harness & new pet bed. $500

Saves one dog + all of the above + behavioral rehabilitation (training, post trauma care if abused, etc.) $750

Saves one dog + all of the above + special needs surgery (hit by car, amputation of limb, cherry eye removal, etc.) $1,000

All donations are used to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome an abused, abandoned or neglected small dog.  Any $ Amount:
Please enter an amount in the field above the button


Too much hassle? Just send us a quick email via our handy form on the Contact Us page!