How to Donate to Ken-Mar Rescue

We have many ways you can help us save lives!

[column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] [iconheading type=”h3″ style=”glyphicon-heart” color=”#dd3333″]Direct Giving[/iconheading] We take Paypal, or checks, or in-kind donations, however you feel comfortable…we are grateful for whatever you can do for our orphans. Ken-Mar Rescue is a 501-c3. We are happy to send you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. We also have other programs which you can learn about here: Planned Giving.

[/column] [column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] [iconheading type=”h3″ style=”glyphicon-heart” color=”#dd3333″]Guardian Angel[/iconheading] We raise money through our Guardian Angel program which allows you to donate on a monthly basis if you wish while having the opportunity to sponsor one of our orphans. Now wouldn’t that feel GOOD!

Become a Guardian Angel!

[/column] [column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] [iconheading type=”h3″ style=”glyphicon-heart” color=”#dd3333″]Fundraising[/iconheading] Raise funds for our orphans by doing your own fundraiser! For ideas, select the tab on our web page titled “How Kids Can Help Ken-Mar Rescue.”


What It Costs to Rescue a Dog & What Your Donations Mean!

[column lg=”8″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″] Ever wonder how much it really costs to rescue a dog or puppy and foster and care for him/her until adopted? You might be very surprised by what you read here!

Regular Rescue Costs

Let’s suppose a dog or puppy is extraordinarily healthy and all we need to do is pay the fee to spring them from a shelter.

If it has not been fully vetted, then we are responsible for his/her first comprehensive vet care, which includes (at a minimum):

  • $15 rabies shot/tag
  • $60 vaccines (multiplied by 3 if it’s a puppy that needs the standard “3 sets” of shots)
  • $60 meds for upper respiratory infection (aka “kennel cough”) the virus of which dogs are exposed to at the shelter.
  • $250 spay/neuter – if not already done
  • $50 Vet office visit

Plus, factor in another:

  • $100 for Collar, leash, harness, bed, bowls, toys

Oh, but it still takes a few weeks on average to get them adopted to their furever home. So, we’re looking at the costs for things like food, grooming, and preventive medications (dewormer and flea/tick).

  • $20 average monthly flea/tick prevention
  • $20 Giardia medicine (to kill any microscopic parasites ingested via stagnant water)
  • $70 grooming
  • $75 average month food (includes high quality grain free dry & wet food, nutritional supplements, wholesome treats, US-made products, etc.)

Let’s say that the foster parent of the healthy orphan unexpectedly needs to go out of town. None of their family can care for the dog. All Ken-Mar Rescue foster volunteers are maxed out on their quota of dogs at their homes. So the dog needs to be boarded.

  • $50 daily (let’s suppose the foster needs to leave for 4 nights = $200)

So, even if our really healthy dog gets adopted within 4 weeks, we’re still looking at a cost of at least $900 in our case above, for a healthy dog who stays with our rescue group only one month!

Additional Rescue Costs

Our orphan intake protocol includes:

  • $100 dental cleaning for basic scaling. Extractions are extra $$$.

It is the very odd and occasional situation where we get the healthy dog or puppy into our rescue group. Animals found as strays and pulled from local shelters don’t come with paperwork about their health history and pre-existing conditions. Even animals that are owner-surrendered may have undisclosed illnesses or problems – the owner may just not know about them at that time.

Extraordinary Incurred Costs

Once we take an orphan into our rescue group we commit to him/her. This means that we assume not only routine costs but also extraordinary costs for treatment required by the canine. Here’s a brief listing of some of these conditions/costs we’ve incurred over the last couple of years:

  • $100 Hernia repair
  • $200 Bladder stone removal
  • $200 Cherry eye repair
  • $300 Blood work/panel
  • $400 – $600 Damaged limb amputation (ex: hit by car)
  • $400 Infection diagnosis/treatment
  • $400 Damaged eye removal/enucleation
  • $1,000+ Puppy hospitalization due to parvovirus (IV, tests, meds, lab work, etc.)

We have also incurred huge veterinary bills for conditions such as respiratory viral illness, and assorted advanced diagnostic testing.

Yet Even More Rescue Costs (to name a few)

  • Community Outreach Expenses
  • Website
  • Flyers
  • Transport

Imagine what our costs would be if we were not 100% volunteer operated!

We appreciate your support and hope that after reading this you too will be compelled to help us save a dog’s life by becoming a Guardian Angel sponsor, fostering, attending our fundraisers and supporting our life-saving work in a more meaningful way.  Your generosity goes directly to the dogs saved by our rescue.
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Gatsby of Ken-Mar Rescue

Consider what your donation could mean…

For the cost of one itune, I can have:

  • a tennis ball to play with
  • a treat to chew on
  • a bowl of kibble
  • a small can of wet food

For the cost of one Venti Mocha (come on-do you really need those calories?), I can have one of the following:

  • a squeeky toy to cuddle with
  • a warm blanket to lie on
  • a bowl to call my own
  • an id tag so I can find my way home again

For the price of a movie ticket I can have one of the following :

  • a vaccine for rabies so I don’t get it
  • a collar so I don’t get lost
  • a bed to sleep in
  • a nail trim so that they can remove the nails that have now ingrown into my pads due to neglect
  • one flea treatment for a month

For the price of 2 pounds of Sees Candy, I can have one of the following:

  • an office visit to the vet
  • a microchip so that wherever I go, my parents will find me
  • a transport crate so I don’t get car sick
  • a case of wet food
  • a big bag of kibble
  • a harness
  • a leash

For the price of one Wii game, I can have:

  • a dental cleaning so that it doesn’t hurt when I chew
  • a grooming so that I can see through the matts in my eyes and feel good & let my future adopting family see my gorgeous self
  • flea treatment for six months so that I don’t have a village of parasites living and breeding on my skin causing me to itch and depleting my immunities

Here are other ways to help Ken-Mar Rescue…

  • We have a WISH LIST ON AMAZON!  Just go to this page and you will see all the cool things our orphans need! Remember, when someone volunteers to be a Foster Parent, we supply them with everything they need. Any donation from this list goes right to one of our orphans!
  • When you #StartWithaSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Ken-Mar Rescue. Bookmark the link: and support us every time you shop.
  • Donate your CitiBank Points to Ken-Mar Rescue by using their GiftBack Card.
  • Leave a legacy for the animals by including Ken-Mar Rescue in your will or trust.
  • List Ken-Mar Rescue as a beneficiary on your retirement plan or life insurance.
  • Include Ken-Mar Rescue in your charitable remainder trust or gift annuity.
  • Donate stocks and/or bonds to Ken-Mar Rescue and save on your taxes!
  • Designate Ken-Mar Rescue for a company match, a community grant program or a year-end giving program.
  • Get your kids involved with a creative fundraising project to benefit Ken-Mar Rescue. Learn More HERE
  • Attend or contribute to our Special Events.


We thank you from the bottom of our doggie’s hearts!